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 Q6: "I'm Marquis Daniels On The Court, In The Rap World I'm Q6" 
Mar 28,2012 @ 06:46:PM


What’s good Q6? We appreciate you coming through the site and catching up with our readers.


Q6: It's a pleasure, I appreciate y'all having me!


Please introduce yourself for the limited few who may not be aware.


Q6:  I'm Marquis Daniels on the basketball court, but in the rap world I'm "Q6" or Lambo6 or you can call me 6, it's all the same!


With that being said I guess the Next question Now that’s out of the way which came First Balling or Rhyming?


Q6:  I always played ball 1st rapping was always a passion, my patnas and I used to freestyle late night on the block, but I always played sports. 


How do you manage both careers?

 Q6:  Managing both careers really isn't hard for me; I record in the summer and write during the season, after games on those flights to different cities, guess u can say all my lyrics fly hahahahaha


Do you think there is a worldly misconception of Athletes turned Artist based off of those who attempted to balance both previously?


Q6:  I really don’t like to use basketball as a crutch, I used Q6 before anybody even put a face with it, so when people heard me rap they wouldn't automatically say here go another athlete wit too much time. Now it's like oh damn he really can rap, I approach the booth the same way I hit the court I gotta go hard every time it's always somebody judging and ready to be like he can’t rap, so I'm a demand respect the same way I came in the game!


For those who haven’t heard you spit as of yet explain your style and sound?


Q6: My style and rhyming varies, even though I'm from the south I'm not afraid to switch my style up, I don’t want to bore my listeners by rapping or talking about the same thing!


What are some of the major differences between Q6 the Rapper and Marquis Daniels the Professional Athlete?


Q6:  Q6 the rapper is going to give you the other side of him, I'm a crossover and a jump shot from canteen meals ya feel me, it ain't nothing to brag about or anything I'm blessed to be able to play ball and provide for my family, but as a athlete I know how to separate the 2 it's a time and place for it all, I respect both sides of the game


Moving on to your most recent released Mixtape “Made”..What can listeners expect when they first listen to this Mixtape?


Q6:  This "Made" mixtape I'm giving you a lil bit of everything, I talk about some personal things as well as some real life situations I go through, one thing I try to do is keep it authentic in all my rhymes don’t fabricate anything, I'm mean I'm not living a lie so why give my audience a lie


What was the thought process behind creating Made?


Q6:  Creating "Made" was self explanatory I'm a made nigga, never had a hand out always had to hustle to get what I needed, so I felt "made" was the perfect name to rock with


Any features on this Made that we can expect to hear?


Q6:  I got my artist 1090 Blokk Boyz featured on there which includes Deeboi, Mojo, Keezy and Baby Boi da kid, as well as a few other artist I try and keep it in house, I feel my camp is strong enough and we don’t really have to go anywhere for that flavor, my YGz go stupidmacnupid beleedat


 Explain the meaning behind the title Made and why you chose it?


Q6:  "Made" Like I was saying earlier it’s  self explanatory I'm a made nigga, never had a hand out always had to hustle to get what I needed, and now I’m on top!


With the Successful release of this Made Mixtape, Can fans expect an album coming soon?


Q6:   I feel like as my audience grows and my fans keep supporting me the way they have, I have no choice but to give them an album, I'm actually in the works of making something special, I'm a keep y'all posted on that, I'm in a great place right now with my music!


With that being said what else can fans expect to hear from you in 2012?


Q6:  I'm a keep pumping these mixtapes and giving them quality music so they can vibe to, that workout, or I need to be motivated music, so I'm about to turn it up another notch


For new Fans, Artist, Labels and DJ’s how can they keep up with or contact you?


Q6: Twitter taking over the world seems like but u can holler at me on there at @Marquis_Daniels and if its business related as far as shows and features you can contact Polly (818) 577-5415


Anything else you would like to share?


Q6:  My website will be launching soon www.IAMQ6.com be on the lookout for that. It’ll have a lot of my music old and new featured on there and you can keep up with what’s going on with me on the music side of my career.


Any shout-outs?


Q6:  S/O to my camp da whole 1090 fam deeboi, babyboi, mojo, keezy, crosstown my whole 5 y'all know what it is, Scipp, T baby, skeet, MT, my home girl SPADE, Vikkie my ace, my uptop fam, capo, term, and my unks they know who they are, an my bruh n law, and Polly and salute to those that envy I appreciate that extra push y'all give me to go even harder beleedat! Nuk n Torch I B ya 100


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