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Eric Biddines FLA Alien: Planet Coffee Bean Review
Jul 06,2010 @ 11:54 AM

                                                            Eric Biddines FLA Alien: Planet Coffee Bean Review


                                                                             By: Krank it up mag

I cannot tell you how much I have been waiting to hear the Finishing Product of Eric B’s Album Planet Coffee bean. Eric has been teasing us with different singles he released prior to the Album, I finally got a copy and the chance to sit down and play this Album track by track song by song and found myself in another world and flowing throw Eric’s world where each instrument on every beat tells its own story.

 Let’s start with the intro which is called

Track #1 “Out the Box” where he describe today’s music and the change our generation has gone through music wise and also how we Limit are minds to just see what we see rather then what it can be…..

TRACK #2 “L.O.L”..…I’m not going to front the first time I heard this Song I did not understand one word other then L.O.L. When Eric sent it to me he was Like “I’m going to send you this new song I been working on its different but you’ll like it it’s called L.O.L.” Once I got it, I played it like 5x times this song will have you rolling he brought me back to the middle school days when we use to crack and make jokes all day at school and on the bus.

TRACK #3 “Walkin” Has to be my favorite track period not only on this album but period. I’m sure you have heard this song or seen the Video which was directed by A-Game of Crownthesouth.com and DirtyLenz Project. This song is basically about taking a walk through your own mind and finding a universe parallel to none other. The creativity of this song is so unique and original, If you ever get a chance to see Eric Perform this song you will see how the crowd stops to listen and take that trip with him.

Track #4 “NOT NOW” the Intro and outro this track is funny Eric is at burger Joint with a date and downgrades her Order from a large to a medium and tries to minus the fries. As u get deeper into the track Eric explains how this girl is so amazing and everything about her is exactly what he has been looking for, he is willing to commit and give her his all.

Track # 5 “Year 2084” On this track Eric gives you the reasons why he is not and shouldn’t be compared to the average rapper and how he is the future not just him physically but his style of music.

Track #6 “My Name IZ” Everyone should know or have seen Eric perform this song by now… This song was actually one of my first times seeing Eric Perform solo I have heard the song but to see him perform it ,was very different this dude will act a fool, dance and take off his shoes when performing this song…Lol..

Track #7 “They figure I live” [feat Triple j and G-Boi] more of a reality check to on lookers who have been there from the transition of these Artist and Artist in general and just figure that they are living the  good life  and not going through some of the same struggles normal folks go through. Eric, Triple j and G-Boi lets us know that they have bills and problems to no matter how it may look on the outside looking in.

Track #8 “Filter” Eric feels as if he is speaking and No one is understanding him like he is speaking through a filter and says “the answer is in this song but ppl keep asking questions”.

Track #9 CAT-A-Lack where he describes the features of a Automobile like in relevance to a female uses all the right nouns to explain how smooth the ride is…

Track #10 “Is Love enough” [Feat Somong]on This song Eric Ask is Love enough for him to stay in this Relationship that was so perfect to where he had to step back and take a break from it he encourages he partner to move on and maybe they can be friends later on. Somong was definitely the right choice for the Hook of this song his soulful vocals fit right in along with the instruments used to create this beat.

Track # 11 “Making Music” Eric goes on to relate the female body parts as instruments perfectly made to create beautiful music from head to toe and including the patterns her heart beat makes.

 Track #12 “Maccaronee” On this Track Eric uses the word Maccronee as the finishing portion of his meal (family) Which is his son Eden.Eric takes you through the birth of his son counting his toe, cutting the umbilical cord and feeling his heart beat through his for the first time.

Track #13 “EYE “Feat [2 Slabz & Phatboi] Wow  this track was definitely one of the surprises to this album  because  for those who know Eric’s History  you would know he started out with 2 Slabz. A southern rap duo that consist of him  and Loh (Maurice Da Beast) the two made history together and had numerous success as a group but parted ways, so to see them on this track along with Phatboi is definitely a good look..

Track #14 “This song is not on the CD” [Feat Bliz BalBoa] This track right is a classic because it gives you that true Hip Hop feeling which a lot of songs lack today. It feels as if you are standing in a Cypher stomping your feet bopping your head doing the stank face as these two MC’s murder this beat…..

Tack #15 “Let’s Play Doctor” Creativity at its finest Eric talks about a Dr. Visit with a beautiful Physician so fine that he would swallow her throw-up.

Track #16 “Is Love enough” (part2). As I describe previously on track 10 Eric calls to see how his X partner is doing and lets her know that he is still here and misses her. He finds out she is doing better and also currently dating a friend of friend and now he realizes how good he had it but it’s too late.

Track #17 “Play + Record” On this track he talks about his life the choices he has made growing up and also ppls perception of him he Records his life and plays it back to see the transition on Eric Biddines.

Track #18 “Planet Coffee bean” Eric finally explains exactly what and where the name of this Album Planet Coffee Bean is..Which is a place he likes to escape and go to in order to be alone. A place with no sidewalks just grass, shiny star’s,  a lake, a half moon and place with no worries and no bills, A place Where you can have a steak or a Happy meal. “A place in which your heart can only let you see it”

Track #19 Bonus track Beginn of the Endin last but not least Mr. Biddines decides to give us a Bonus track. On this one he Talks about the Beginning of putting an end to with his Mistress but it’s not easy because it feels right and she looks good but it has to be done in order for him to go on with his life with his family.

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